Workflow: Full automation

Throughput: Optimized for three or fewer assays for medium-to-high throughput

The SPOTCHECK® Pro Newborn Screening System is a fully integrated in vitro diagnostic (IVD) system for medium to high-throughput dried blood spot analysis. It delivers a robust and streamlined platform with the requisite workflow for Astoria Pacific’s line of SPOTCHECK® assays. This system provides the following:

    • Analysis of dried blood spots for a wide range of newborn congenital disorders of endocrinology, hematology, or metabolism
    • Capacity to run up to three different assays
    • Fully integrated bench-top system
    • Configuration flexibility to accommodate high volume sample throughput
    • Configurable to your specific workflow requirements
    • Standardized data output interface to all newborn screening laboratory information management system (LIMS)
    • Access to Astoria-Pacific’s world class service and support programs

Product Features:

    • Automated functions include liquid handling, plate and lid handling, mixing, temperature controlled incubation and shaking, vacuum separation, and plate reading
    • The ability to import sample worklists from 3rd party sample preparation equipment
    • Flexibility to run multiple plates of multiple assays simultaneously
    • An easy-to-use software interface
    • Data outputs can be integrated with any LIMS and third-party middleware applications
    • Minimal, pre-programmed maintenance requirements
    • Built on the foundation of a trusted industry partner – The TECAN Freedom EVO®

Product Ordering Information

    • Contact Astoria-Pacific to discuss configuration options.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. This device is intended for use by trained, qualified laboratory personnel.